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Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is one of the most effective ways to protect your vehicle. This revolutionary technique involves the application of an invisible film that serves as a barrier between your sleek ride and all outside factors. With paint protection, your vehicle becomes resilient to road debris, harsh weather elements, scratches and dings and more! Best of all? Paint protection films are self-healing. Yes, you read that correctly. How? When this versatile and nearly indestructible coating is exposed to heat the clear coat properties begin to eliminates small scratches and dings. So it's essentially a coating that protects and defends!

Get Your Vehicle Protected

Not only do we apply quality paint protection film that provides optimal protection but we utilize the best of the best: Optimum Paint Guard. As a proven brand we stand behind the fast-acting results that Opti-Paint protection provides our clients with. As authorized Opti-Coat Pro Installers, we can apply this premium paint protection film to any part of your vehicle as shown in the visual displays below. What makes Opti-Coat so powerful is its resilience to bird lime, acid etching and other corrosive substances. With self-cleaning and self-healing properties, this protective paint film provides an never-ending finish that actively repairs minor dents and scratches.

Front bumper protection Full front clip protection

Front bumper protection Full vehicle protection

Coverage Areas

With our protective paint films, we can cover any area of your vehicle depending on the type of protection your ride needs. We can concentrate on high impact areas that are susceptible to damage like the front end and sides or apply full vehicle coverage. Take a moment to explore the coverage areas we address below.

Front Bumper Protection

Front bumper protection literally covers the front bumper area which is probably the most susceptible area to damage from rocks, bugs, weather elements and more.

Full Front Clip Protection

Full front clip refers to the bumper, the entire hood and side-view mirrors.

Highest Impact Protection

This refers to all areas of the front full clip but adds in the lowest point of the sides of the vehicle (excluding the side doors).

Full Vehicle Protection

For complete protection, we offer full vehicle coverage that is applied to every surface of your ride.

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